Lessons from Mom

Wash your darks on cold. Always use moisturizer with spf. Add a little bit of cooking wine to your spaghetti sauce to make it really good. Buy quality clothes on sale. Eat your protein.

These are just a few of the things my fantastic mother has taught me over the years. It’s definitely true that I’ve been more ready to listen to some of her lessons than others. (note the ridiculous bangs I insisted on wearing in elementary school) However, some lessons have definitely stuck.

Years ago, my mom told me something I’ve never forgotten: the fastest way out of depression is to do something for someone else. Not to say that I’ve been depressed, but when you spend a lot of time alone, it’s easy to become self-focused, and that can be depressing. And the easiest fix for that kind of self-focused, self-induced, somewhat blue feeling? Change your focus. Do something for someone else. Pray for someone else for a change. Spend a little money (or time) on someone else. Self-reflection is certainly necessary and beneficial, and so is taking care of yourself. However, obsessive self-focus produces a result just as excruciating as feedback from a microphone. So let’s take a lesson from Mom, and follow the example of Jesus, and reach out to someone else today.

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One Response to Lessons from Mom

  1. naomislagh says:

    Good stuff, girly! Love it

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