That’s what GPS is for…

I’m a big picture person. I don’t do well with details. They are burdensome and boring for me. Years (and years) of schooling have taught me to handle detail oriented tests, but I will never be the person who analyzes every word of a test question and can argue (and win) a dispute with a professor based on one word. Sometimes I wear my socks inside out, solely because I don’t notice or care that they are inside out. I’m having a hard time thinking of another example of my dislike for detail because those things really just don’t enter my consciousness. (that, and it’s really late lol)  But big picture- now we’re talking! Give me the overall game plan, tell me where we’re going, and I don’t really care how we get there. That’s what GPS is for.

Lately, I’ve come to realize a problem with this type of thinking, and here’s why. I tend to think of myself as a person who follows God and is submitted to Christ. For the most part, I have made good life choices, and I am where God has called me to be at this point in my life. Big picture, I follow God.

But when we start talking details…. Sigh! I’m afraid that’s a different story sometimes. My unsaved boss doesn’t really care if I heard from God and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue my call to ministry. She does notice how I talk about unpleasant customers when they leave, and the attitude that I bring with me to work every day. The older gentleman trying to find his exit (and driving painfully slow!) has no idea that I know what I want to do with my life. He does know my impatience.

Today, this thought hit me hard: worship is not saying, “Praise the Lord!” every time I encounter a frustrating situation. Worship is holding my tongue and acting Christ-like whenever I encounter a frustrating situation. I get tired of the “Well praise the Lord, sister!” people. I can only imagine how a non-Christian feels about that. I do not get tired of being around people who react with love, not frustration, with patience and peace, not grumbling and complaining. The people who have mastered their responses push me to be a better person far more than the people who walk around declaring, “I’m blessed!” all day long.

And so, friends, my prayer for the rest of my busy, potentially frustrating, week is that I learn to follow God and respond with grace… even in the little things. Won’t you join me?

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One Response to That’s what GPS is for…

  1. jeana says:

    I’m with you. I’ve been thinking the same things lately. My response is more of a witness of who I am and who I follow than any cliche’ I can spit out . I am very proud of you, I know, I’ve said it a million times. But I am. God needs us “big picture” people but we can certainly look for Him in the details and bring Him honor in the small things. Sometimes those small things are God sized to someone who needs a kind answer.
    I love you, precious. Hang in there this week.

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